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Rome Boat offers a splendid journey: a classic tour, valid 24 hours with the hop-on hop-off feature, accessible by 4 stops: Isola Tiberina, close to Trastevere quarter and main attractions such as Piazza Venezia and Bocca della Verità; Castel Sant’Angelo, nearby Vatican City and for sites like Pantheon and Piazza Navona; Ponte Sisto, close to Campo de’ Fiori and Piazza Trilussa; Popolo Square, next to the exclusive shopping district around the Spanish Steps.

You can use your ticket for two consecutive days.

 There’s multi audio commentary on board to learn more about the history of Rome.

Rome Boat offers a splendid Tour along the Tiber River to see the sight of Rome from the water. The riverboat experience is accessible by 4 stops and takes in sights of many top Rome attractions such as St Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City alongside several of the city’s historical bridges. 

The complete tour is 1 hour long.

There’s multi audio commentary on board to learn more about the history of Rome.

Take the boat for an immersive Aperitif on the river Tiber, and see the sights of Rome from the water. The relaxing riverboat experience includes a glass of wine and a wide selection of traditional appetizers, too, that will be served by our staff on board. It’s an ideal early evening activity, and allows you to admire many of Rome’s main attractions such as St Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City alongside several of the city’s historical bridges.

The ultimate plus to this product, is that the ticket is valid for 24h hours after the sushi experience, it means that you can get back on board again the next day to do an hop-on hop-off cruise on the Tiber river and visit the places seen from the boat up close.

The ultimate river experience in Rome, live a unique experience on board of our boats, cradled by the calm Tiber’s stream and cuddled by our exclusive service. You will be welcomed by our crew, and some chill out background music, everything included in your ticket’s price together with a full portion of hand-made Sushi (5 pieces), and a fresh cocktail by your choice among: Negroni, Daiquiri, Manhattan and Classic Aperitivo. A singular  experience where you can admire several of the Rome’s main attractions such as St Peter’s Basilica and St Angelo Castle, while you’ll pass under the most historical bridges of the city. Drink It® and Boutique del Sushi®, are our preferred partners for this product, we’ve been through an hard selection process to select the perfect partners, and the outcome is simply amazing. The ultimate plus to this product, is that the ticket is valid for 24h hours after the sushi experience, it means that you can get back on board again the next day to do an hop-on hop-off cruise on the Tiber river and visit the places seen from the boat up close.

You will meet with our Fully Licensed guide in Piazza San Cosimato, in Trastevere’s neighbourhood at the edge of the open air market. From here you’re journey will begin, first you will have a taste of some local food directly in the open air market, where our partner’s stand run by Emiliano and his family since decades, will welcome you with a delicious taste of italian local gourmet product. After that, our guide will lead you to discover one of the most ancient church in Rome, Santa Maria in Trastevere, telling you the story of its long construction. Then you will still walk inside the guts of Trastevere to reach your first checkpoint, Tiber Island the only island of Tiber river where our boat will be waiting for you, from here you will sail pushed by the relaxing flow of ther river for around 15 minutes to reach Sant’Angelo Bridge, right in front of Sant’Angelo Castle where you can have a great view of St Peter’s Basilica too.

From here the second part of the tour will start, our guide will start to explain you about the marvelous Via Dei Coronari as the artists strip, full of antique’s shop that will open up in Navona Square with its magnificient Fountain of the 4 rivers, built by the well famous Italian artist Bernini, here our guide will tell you about the ancient and funny dispute about Bernini and his rival Borromini that built the building that faces the fountain. From here you will move more to the inner city, reaching the Pantheon. Here, after the explanation from the outside of the Pantheon, you will have 1 full hour to wonder around, eat something in one of the typical “trattoria” restaurant all around, or just seat down and relax for the final part of the tour, our guide will give you indications for the meeting point. After the break, and meeting back with our guide, tour will continue to reach Trevi Fountain, recently rennovated and brought back to its splendor, here our guide will spend some time to explain you the story behind and let you proceed with the usual tradition of toss a coin inside the fountain. Last part of the walking tour, will bring you to discover Spanish Step, where you will learn about all the most intriguing secrets of the square, the fountain and it’s super famous steps. From here our guide will salute you, and you can reach so many different spot, like Via Condotti heart of the shopping district of the city, Piazza del Popolo 10 minutes from Spanish square and so much more.

Stroll through the district of Rome where Caravaggio lived and worked. Admire some of the most beautiful masterpieces in three churches of the historic center. Learn more about the eccentric lifestyle of master painter Caravaggio as you visit Ladispoli, the place that hosted him before his death, after a bloody duel. Start at the Church of Santa Maria del Popolo, continue with a stop inside the Church of Sant’Agostino, finally, visit San Luigi dei Francesi. Throughout this intensive tour you can explore the most beautiful alleys of Rome. Upon conclusion of this guided walking tour, make your way to Ladispoli aboard a GT bus, crossing the northern coast of Lazio. Ladispoli is a cute town seaside and is just 30 km from the capital. Enjoy a fish-based brunch in a restaurant in front of the sea. Meet the local guide and start the walking tour up to the place where there’s the only bronze statue of Caravaggio, made by Sergio Bonafaccia. Arrive up to the Odescalchi Castle, by land or by beach according to the weather. Tour organized under the patronage of the Municipality of Ladispoli.